Red Deer on Mull

The Red Deer on Mull seem to be missing the worst of the wintery weather that is affecting most of England,  however here at High Oatfield Bed & Breakfast it is very chilly outside and there is snow on the hill tops but it is yet to get down to our level.

Red Deer near High Oatfield

The Red Deer Stags are also staying at the lower levels to avoid the snow and who can blame them? They have lost a bit of condition after the rutting season so a mild winter will suit them much better than a very cold snowy one. Continue reading

Barn Owls on Mull

Barn Owls on Mull often become active just after dusk and the sight of a ghostly pale Barn Owl hunting for voles on the road verges and through the tussock grass is a sight to behold. Like most owls the Barn Owl flies silently, tiny serrations on the leading edges of its flight feathers help to break up the flow of air over its wings, thereby reducing turbulence and the noise that accompanies it.

Barn Owl being ringed

The Barn Owl has acute hearing, with ears placed asymmetrically for improved detection of sound position and distance, and it does not require sight to hunt. Hunting nocturnally it can target and dive down, penetrating its talons through snow, grass or brush to seize rodents with deadly accuracy. Continue reading